Friday, May 9, 2008

Events This Weekend

Here are three notable events in DC this weekend:
  • The Women's National Soccer Team plays an exhibition against Canada at RFK Stadium at 7 PM Saturday. This is the first time either U.S. National team has played at RFK since 2003. RFK uses 464.3750 [110.9] for ops. Here are some DC United freqs:
      • 464.5000 [d412] DC United Ticketing/Box Office (Channel 6)
        464.5500 [d412] DC United "Corona party"
        464.6125 [d364] DC United "crowding Gate A"
        464.6250 [d152] DC United Engineering?; "check scripts"
        464.6500 [d412] DC United "play video"; "send ceremonial kickers"
        464.7250 [ ] DC United
        464.7500 [d152] DC United (Channel 5?)
        466.8250 [d412] DC United Media (Channel 3)
        469.5000 [d152] DC United Audio/Visual
  • The Chili Cook Off, a fairly large musical event, is Saturday at 11th and G NW. The organizers will probably use rented radios. The most recent info (2006) for this event that I have on my website indicates the radios may have been from USA Radio Rentals. 154.6400 [d131] was used by Operations/EMS (frequency may have been 154.6350). CSC event security used 461.5125 [d152], and audio/visual people used 464.8125 [d155]. Also check DC Fire for a talkgroup on their trunked system or a simplex frequency.
  • The Nationals are in town for a series against the Florida Marlins.

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