Friday, July 29, 2016

Loudoun Trunked System Down

The Loudoun County trunked system has been down for several hours. According to this RadioReference thread, Loudoun units are using the 8 Tac channels, Fairfax County system, and Frederick County system for backup communications. State units are trying to get cache radios moved into position for Loudoun to use; they communicated on STARS talkgroup 2417 about this.

Uniden Releases Another DMR Firmware Update

Although the public release of the DMR firmware update for the BCD436HP/BCD536HP scanners was last week, Uniden today released new firmware that aims to improve DMR even more. Here are the changes:
  • Modified the display issue of P25 ENC reception
  • Improved the tracking in CAP Plus
  • Stabilization of the data decoding in all trunking DMR

New DSD+ "Fast Lane" Released

DSD+ "Fast Lane" 2.18 was released this week. (Fast Lane releases are sort of like betas; the current "public release" of DSD+ is 1.101 and was released last Christmas.) Some of the changes from the last Fast Lane (2.10):
  • Updated license data
  • Support for AM demodulation
  • Squelch logic added
  • Support for NEXEDGE 9600 composite control channels

Weekend Events

  • Billy Joel performs Saturday at 8 PM at Nationals Park.
  • DC United plays Sunday at 6:30 PM at RFK Stadium.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Baltimore Update

After a recent trip to Baltimore, I was able to update many frequencies/talkgroups on the Baltimore City and Baltimore County pages.

Clarksburg Premium Outlets FCC App

Clarksburg Premium Outlets, located in Montgomery County, has an application pending before the FCC for a DMR repeater on 464.9375, and DMR simplex on 468.5750.

Southern Maryland Hospital Adds DMR Emission Designators

Southern Maryland Hospital recently added DMR emission designators to its three UHF repeaters.