Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Events

  • The Nats play Friday at 7:05, Saturday at 4:05, and Sunday at 1:35 at Nationals Park.
  • The National Memorial Day Concert is Sunday at 8:00 on the West Lawn of the Capitol.
  • The National Memorial Day Parade is Monday at 2:00 on Constitution Ave. from 7th to 17th Sts.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Washington Harbour Using DMR

Washington Harbour has been confirmed using DMR on 452.4375. Here are the two groups found:

452.4375 [         ] Security (DMR - Color Code 4, Slot 1, Group 1)
452.4375 [         ] (DMR - Color Code 4, Slot 2, Group 2)

No activity was monitored on the other frequency Washington Harbour is licensed for (464.3125).

Lt. Kevin McRae Funeral

The funeral and procession for DC firefighter Lt. Kevin McRae was on Friday. Three unencrypted talkgroups were active on the DC trunked system: DCFD Special Events 1 and 2, and the Emergency Management Agency talkgroup. Several other DCFD encrypted talkgroups were active that day; some of these were probably used in support of the funeral. Fire personnel from DC, Montgomery, Prince George's, and Charles were active on the Special Events talkgroups; the Montgomery units had 250xxxx radio IDs.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

The Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon was yesterday morning in Fredericksburg. Here's what was monitored:

147.0150 [  88.5] Amateur Radio - K4TS
154.7250 [131.8] Fredericksburg Police 1 (patched to Spotsylvania talkgroup 02-041 and STARS talkgroup 98)
158.8350 [203.5] Fredericksburg Fire 3 (Medical Branch)
155.7150 [156.7] Fredericksburg Fire 7 (Celebrate Command)
Marines used temporary trunked system (388.5250 control, system ID 355, site 101, WACN BEE0A, NAC 350)

The Fredericksburg Police channel uses voice inversion, but the patched talkgroups allowed one to listen to all units. (The sound quality was poor on the STARS talkgroup.)

The trunked system that the Marines used is probably a mobile, low-power system. A similar system was used for the 2008 race. Due to the weakness of the signal, I was not able to determine if the talkgroups used were clear or encrypted.

851.8375 [141.3] was monitored shortly after the race; this frequency was probably used for car-to-car communications among visiting public safety units.

Hotel Monaco Alexandria License Modification

The Hotel Monaco Alexandria recently modified its license to add DMR simplex on 451.5125, 452.0375, 456.5125, and 457.0375. The hotel is already licensed for several VHF frequencies, so these frequencies may mean the hotel is switching to UHF.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Renaissance Mayflower FCC App

The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in DC has an application pending before the FCC. The app calls for one VHF frequency, and several UHF frequencies. The hotel's previous license expired in February. The new application makes some minor changes to the frequencies requested.

Weekend Events

  • Opera in the Outfield is today at 7 PM at Nationals Park.