Monday, August 31, 2009

Prince George's County Updates

A few new items for Prince George's County:
  • Campus Recreational Services at the University of Maryland - College Park uses 452.3500 [ d466] (R).
  • Six Flags America uses 468.9625 [ d261] for shows/concerts. 468.6250 [192.8] may be for special events. And 461.4125 [ d261] (R) is used for ride statuses, but also may be general guest services.

Baltimore City Updates

A couple changes/new items for Baltimore City:
  • The Waterfront Partnership, which is a Business Improvement District (BID) for the Inner Harbor, is now using 461.0250 [ d043] (S).
  • Johns Hopkins University (Homewood Campus) uses 464.2250 [ d226] (R). The specific user is unknown.

Hunt Valley Towne Centre/McCormick

Here are frequencies found for Hunt Valley Towne Centre, which is a shopping area in Baltimore County:

464.6750 [ d116] Security (R)

464.5500 [ 67.0] DSW
464.8250 [100.0] Regal Cinemas
467.9250 [ d506] Best Buy

McCormick, which produces spices, has its headquarters near Hunt Valley. Here are some frequencies:

451.8250 [ d023] (R)
452.2250 [ d023] (R)
464.9250 [ d047] (R)

Maryland State Fair - Finds

Here are frequencies found at the Maryland State Fair on Saturday:

151.6250 [ d172] General Operations/Security
151.6850 [ d172] Horse Racing Ops
151.9250 [131.8] Unknown
154.5700 [186.2] Engineering
464.9625 [131.8] Parking (S)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Maryland State Fair

The Maryland State Fair runs today through September 7 (Labor Day). I don't have notes from a previous year, but I do remember the radio usage by the fair organizers was fairly minimal for an event this big. I think they were using a VHF business channel in simplex mode. The Baltimore County Public Safety trunked system and the Baltimore County Services trunked system will probably have some active talkgroups.

Sen. Kennedy Events Tomorrow

Sen. Kennedy's body is scheduled to arrive tomorrow at 3 PM at Andrews AFB. The base P25 trunked system should be active. At 4:30, the motorcade will arrive at the Capitol. Here are the Capitol Police frequencies:

169.2250 [110.9] (Channel 1)
165.5375 [146.2] (Channel 2)
170.1750 [156.7] (Channel 3)
162.2500 [173.8] (Channel 4)
162.6125 [127.3] (Channel 5)
173.5250 [167.9] Specialized Teams

The burial is at 5:30 at Arlington National Cemetery. The Cemetery uses 165.1875 [156.7] (R). Also, the Joint National Capital Region - Fort Myer trunked system could very well see use by ceremonial units.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chevy Chase Bank Building FCC App

The Chevy Chase Bank Building at 7501 Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda has an application pending before the FCC. The app calls for a repeater on 451.8250.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Arlington County New Encrypted Talkgroup

Arlington County is using a new encrypted talkgroup on their P25 trunked system. It's talkgroup 193, which is one above talkgroup 192, "Arlington Public Health 2."

Montgomery Trunked System Works in Metro

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the Montgomery County trunked system works underground in the Metro (at least at the Bethesda station). This means that DC, Arlington County, and Montgomery all have underground Metro coverage.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Arlington and Montgomery County Fairs

The Arlington County Fair (closes today) is using talkgroup 11 for Police and talkgroup 105 for Parks & Recreation organizers from the Arlington P25 trunked system. Talkgroup 105 has never been seen in use before.

The Montgomery County Agricultural Fair (closed yesterday) used talkgroup 1776 for Fire/EMS from the Montgomery trunked system.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Boston Properties FCC App

Boston Properties has an application pending before the FCC. The app calls for a MOTOTRBO repeater on 462.4625. This frequency will be used for management of the Wisconsin Place office building at 5404 Wisconsin Ave. in Chevy Chase.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Loudoun County Miscellaneous Finds

Here are some recent business frequencies found in Loudoun County:

462.2250 [d143] Ashby Ponds (retirement community)
154.5700 [67.0] Blue Mount Nursery
463.5250 [d243] Lansdowne Resort - Banquets?
464.0750 [d223] Trump National Golf Club

Also found several new frequencies for Dulles Town Center and the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets; see the Business / Retail section of the Loudoun County page.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Manassas Regional Airport Frequency

I stopped by the Manassas Regional Airport yesterday afternoon. I only found one non-aviation frequency in use: 464.6000 [ d423]. This was used by a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the airport, but I was unable to confirm if it was Volo Aviation or Dulles Aviation.

Volo recently licensed five UHF simplex frequencies, but I didn't hear anything on them.

Prince William County Fair

The Prince William County Fair began this weekend and continues through Saturday. Here's what I found yesterday:

462.6625 [ 67.0] Parking
469.1375 [192.8]
469.8375 [ 88.5]
Police used talkgroup 16496.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Downtown Silver Spring Update

Here's the latest list of frequencies for Downtown Silver Spring:

461.4000 [ d703] Information/Maintenance
462.5000 [ d703] Housekeeping
464.7750 [ d411] Security

464.5500 [ 67.0] AFI Silver Theater?
464.8250 [100.0] Regal Majestic 20 Theater
467.8500 [ 67.0] AFI Silver Theater
467.8500 [ 74.4] DSW
467.8750 [ 67.0] Borders Books
467.9000 [ d131] Office Depot
467.9000 [ d731] New York & Company
467.9000 [ 85.4] Red Lobster

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Donovan House Hotel

Here's an updated list of frequencies for the Donovan House Hotel:

463.3625 [ d343] Housekeeping (S)
463.4375 [ d343] (S)
464.8125 [ d343] Engineering (R)
467.4625 [ d343] Valet

Legg Mason Tennis Classic Major Update

Here's an updated list of frequencies found yesterday. The tournament concludes this afternoon.

166.8500 [127.3] Park Police (Channel 4) (S)
451.4000 [ d423]
451.7750 [ d432]
451.8250 [218.1] Parking (Tournament radio)
451.8750 [225.7] Audio/Visual (Channel 13?)
461.2250 [ d624] Parking (parking company radio)
461.2375 [233.6] "what suites available?"
461.2625 [241.8] on-court promo
461.3375 [ d346] Legg Mason Tennis Classic Staff
461.3625 [ d351] Operations
461.4000 [ d125]
461.4375 [156.7] Housekeeping
461.4625 [ d364] Security/Park Police/First Aid
461.5500 [ 88.5] CES Security
461.9125 [ d411] Scorekeeping (IDS?) (Channel 6?)
462.5875 [ d365] Volunteers?
464.3250 [ d532] Design Cuisine? (primary)
464.5500 [123.0] "in booth"
464.5750 [ d532] Design Cuisine? (secondary)
467.5000 [229.1] "radar"
469.2625 [210.7] Ecology Solutions
Parking company radios possibly from Blanchard's/USA Radio Rentals.
Tournament radio rentals possibly from Bearcom.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekend Events

A few notable events this weekend:

The Legg Mason Tennis Classic continues through Sunday. Here's what I found from last Saturday (there are likely many more frequencies in use):

166.8500 [127.3] Park Police (Channel 4) (S)
461.2250 [ d624] Parking
461.3375 [ d346] Staff?
461.3625 [ d351] Operations?
461.4625 [ d364]
464.3250 [ d532] Food/Catering
469.2625 [210.7] "where dump dirty water?"

DC United plays Real Madrid at FedEx Field on Sunday at 3 PM. Over 60,000 tickets have already been sold, so this will be another major event at FedEx coming off of last Saturday's Paul McCartney concert. See the Prince George's County page for FedEx Field frequencies.

Redskins Training Camp wraps up tomorrow with an intra-squad scrimmage at 2 PM. I haven't been to Training Camp in several years, but here's what was in use in 2004:

461.7625 [ d047] Merchandise Sales
462.6875 [ 67.0] Parking
462.7125 [ 85.4] Staff looking for old video footage in office
462.7250 [ ] "players"
463.2375 [ ]
463.3125 [ d172] Repeater; coach-to-quarterback helmet communications; voice inversion
463.5000 [ d073] Media Contacts
466.7625 [ d413] Concessions

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paul McCartney Concert Frequencies Found

Here are some frequencies found for the August 1 Paul McCartney concert:

461.0375 [ d734]
461.0625 [ d703]
464.8875 [ d754]
466.0375 [ d732]

Many of the FedEx Field frequencies were also in use. 453.6125 [151.4] was used by Prince George's Fire/EMS; this may have replaced 500.1000 [127.3], which was not heard.

Women of Faith Frequencies Found

Here are frequencies found from the Women of Faith conference this past weekend. These frequencies won't be useful in Washington until next year, but the conference will be traveling around the country for the next few months, and I expect these same frequencies to be used.

451.8000 [ d116] Stage Managers?
456.8000 [ d165]
461.0375 [ d205] "Mandisa performing"
461.2625 [ d346] Admin?
461.3625 [ d612] "check on date"
462.6250 [ d754] Stage Personnel?
464.4875 [ d331] Groups?
464.5000 [ d712] Security?
466.1375 [ d413] Tech Support? (Channel 8?)
466.2625 [ d631] Volunteers?
466.3625 [ d174] Inventory?/Merchandise?

Legg Mason Tennis Classic Frequencies Found

Here are some frequencies in use at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, which continues through this Sunday. They apparently are not renting the radios from Valleywide Communications this year, as the frequencies are different from what they've used in the past. The rental company may be Blanchard's/USA Radio Rentals. I may get another chance to monitor the event, so look for an update.

166.8500 [127.3] Park Police (Channel 4) (S)
461.2250 [ d624] Parking
461.3375 [ d346] Staff?
461.3625 [ d351] Operations?
461.4625 [ d364]
464.3250 [ d532] Food/Catering
469.2625 [210.7] "where dump dirty water?"