Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Few Business Finds in DC

Harman Hall, one of two venues for the Shakespeare Theater Company, is using 452.6625 [ d503] and 457.7125 [ d503].  Both of these are simplex.

The new Courtyard Washington/U.S. Capitol, which opened earlier this month, is using 461.4875 [210.7] for security, engineering, and housekeeping.  It appears to be a simplex frequency.

The Red Roof Inn, near the Verizon Center, is using VHF portables.  The frequency has not been confirmed, but 154.6000 [  67.0] was heard in the area in the past.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

World Bank/IMF Meeting--DC Talkgroups

For the World Bank/IMF Meeting, MPD is using talkgroup 16656 (Special Operations Division).  DC Emergency Management Agency is using 33872.  These were monitored last night.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Events

Here are a couple of weekend events with some scanning opportunities:
  1. World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings: World Bank security uses 151.9550 [107.2] in a base/mobile configuration.  The base side can be heard from many locations in the DC area.  World Bank engineering uses a repeater on 463.7500 [ d606].  There is no radio information for the IMF.
  2. Capitals Playoff Game: Best thing to listen to at the Verizon Center is probably CSC Event Staff on 461.5125 [ d152].  (They've also been heard on 464.5000 [ d152] at Verizon.)  Also check out Gallery Place security on 461.3250 [ d411].

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stafford County Trunked System FCC License

Stafford County was recently issued two licenses (WQKD203, WQKD204) for a 700 MHz public safety trunked system.

According to the licenses, the system will have ten frequencies, twelve sites, 1200 mobile units, and forty-two "base stations."

The frequencies have an emission designator of 8K60D7W, which probably indicates a Project 25 Phase II system.  (This is the same emission designator as the new Prince George's County system--which is supposed to be P25 Phase II.)

A quick search of the 700 MHz band did not turn up a control channel, so the system probably isn't active yet.

Chevy Chase Golf Club FCC License

Chevy Chase Golf Club was recently issued an FCC license.  The license shows a UHF repeater on 464.8375.  The frequency is to be used by maintenance personnel.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fredericksburg Auto Auction FCC App

Fredericksburg Auto Auction has an application pending before the FCC.  The app calls for two UHF repeaters and four simplex frequencies.  Note that this business has already been using the two repeater frequencies for several years; I believe they were on a previous (now-expired) license.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Boston Properties (Springfield) New License

Boston Properties, a property-management company, was recently issued an FCC license for a repeater on 461.8750.  This will be used at a building at 7375 Boston Blvd. in Springfield.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DC Business Frequency Updates

Here are some recent DC business frequencies that I've found:

461.4375 [ d263] Golden Triangle Business Improvement District
153.0200 [ d265] Harbour Square
469.5000 [ d606] Ford's Theater
467.8750 [ d723] Guess (Downtown)
463.3375 [ d371] Grand Hyatt Hotel - Banquets
469.4875 [ 67.0] JW Marriott Hotel - Banquets
461.0625 [  94.8] Hard Rock Cafe
466.2875 [ d155] H&M
463.3500 [ d116] Washington Harbor - Security/Engineering
464.9000 [ d723] Armed Forces Retirement Home
463.8250 [107.2] Boston Properties (1330 Connecticut Ave.)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Events

Here are some notable weekend events in DC:
  1. National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade (Saturday 10 AM-12 PM, Constitution between 7th and 17th): In 2006, organizers used several "Bearcom rentals" frequencies (464.6250, 464.7500, 469.6250, 469.6500).  In 2005, organizers used a talkgroup (0-17-169, home channel 496.8375) on a local Champion Communications LTR trunked system.
  2. Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival (Saturday 11 AM-6 PM, 12th and Pennsylvania): In 2005 and 2006, organizers used Family Radio Service frequencies.
  3. Nationals vs. Orioles Exhibition Game (Saturday 6:05 PM, Nationals Park): Other than the MOTOTRBO frequencies that Nationals personnel use, the best frequencies to monitor are 461.3875/461.5125 (CSC Event Staff), 867.4875/867.7625 (DC Fire First Aid/Medical), and talkgroups 2096 (DC Fire Special Events 1) and 21232 (MPD Citywide 2) from the DC trunked system.
  4. Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run (Sunday 7:40 AM, Washington Monument grounds): In 2005, organizers used a repeater on 463.8000.  In a more recent year (2006 or 2007?), organizers may have used a repeater on 461.4000.

Stafford Schools FCC App

Stafford County, VA Schools has an application pending before the FCC.  The app calls for forty-seven total frequencies to be used at nineteen schools.  All frequencies are UHF simplex.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

State Fair of Virginia FCC App

(This FCC app is outside the DC area, but thought it might be of interest, since this is a major event in the fall.)

The State Fair of Virginia has an application pending before the FCC.  The app calls for eight UHF simplex frequencies:


This year, the State Fair runs from September 24 through October 4 at its new location at The Meadow Event Park in Caroline County, VA.

Note that the app also requests the same eight frequencies for use in New Kent County, VA.  This is for the Strawberry Hill Races, which are at Colonial Downs.  This event is coming up on Saturday, April 11.

Country Club of Fairfax FCC App

The Country Club of Fairfax has an application pending before the FCC.  The app calls for two UHF frequencies to be used in a base/mobile configuration:


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AirCare 2/Shannon Airport

AirCare 2 confirmed today using 460.1125 [  71.9] at Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg.  (See post from Monday, March 30 for information about this newly-licensed frequency.)

City of Alexandria FCC App

The City of Alexandria has an application pending before the FCC.  The app states that the frequencies are for the public school system, but it's uncertain if they'll be used at one particular school.  Here are the three UHF simplex frequencies: