Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Belvedere FCC App

The Belvedere, a condo at 1600 N. Oak St. in Arlington, has an application pending before the FCC. The app calls for two simplex frequencies, to be used as either analog or MOTOTRBO.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekend Events

Sports dominate again this weekend:
  • Georgetown plays UNC-Asheville at Verizon Center on Saturday at noon.
  • Maryland plays NC State at Byrd Stadium on Saturday at 3:30.
  • The Wizards play Orlando at Verizon Center on Saturday at 7:00.
  • The Redskins play Minnesota at FedEx Field on Sunday at 1:00.
  • The Capitals play Carolina at Verizon Center on Sunday at 5:00.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday Scanning

The following are the security frequencies for select malls in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. I didn't bother to list the housekeeping and individual store frequencies, as this would make the list a bit unwieldy. For the full list of everything I've found at the malls, check out the individual county pages.

461.8875 [203.5] Ballston Common
451.5250 [ d411] Dulles Town Center
464.1250 [ ] Fair Oaks (MOTOTRBO)
464.4375 [ d074] Fashion Centre at Pentagon City
464.9250 [100.0] Landmark
462.4000 [110.9] Leesburg Corner
461.0125 [100.0] Manassas
464.9250 [ d612] Pentagon Center
463.6000 [ d723] Potomac Mills
464.3250 [ 77.0] Springfield
461.9875 [ d054] Tysons Corner
464.8250 [ 94.8] Tysons Galleria

452.9250 [141.3] DC USA
461.3250 [ d411] Gallery Place
463.9500 [ d612] Georgetown Park
468.5625 [ d606] Mazza Gallerie
464.5750 [ d346] Union Station

461.9750 [ CSQ] Boulevard at Cap Centre
152.9225 [ d074] Bowie Town Center
464.2750 [ d606] Chevy Chase Pavilion
461.1125 [162.2] Columbia
464.7000 [ d423] Lake Forest
463.7625 [203.5] Montgomery
464.3750 [ d032] Prince George's
464.6250 [ d023] Wheaton
464.8250 [151.4] White Flint

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Museum of Arts and Sciences FCC App

The Museum of Arts and Sciences, a multi-use venue at 915 F St. NW, has an application pending before the FCC. The app calls for five simplex frequencies:


Lockheed Martin FCC App

Lockheed Martin has an application pending before the FCC. The app is for the Gaithersburg location of the company "to coordinate activities and personnel during the development, testing, manufacture, demonstration and deployment of specialized electronics systems for customers and potential clients." The app calls for two repeaters and three simplex frequencies:


Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Events

Another weekend dominated by sports:
  • The Help the Homeless Walkathon is Saturday at 9 AM on the National Mall.
  • Penn State plays Indiana at FedEx Field Saturday at noon.
  • The Capitals play on Saturday at Verizon Center at 7 PM.
  • The University of Maryland plays Florida State at Byrd Stadium on Saturday at 8 PM.

Monday, November 15, 2010

DC Business Update

Updates to DC business frequencies:
  • Hotel Helix is using 462.0625 [ 67.0] (S). The hotel has five UHF simplex frequencies pending for license, but they did not appear to be in use.
  • Lucky Strike at Gallery Place is using 469.5000 [ d205]. The Family Radio Service frequencies they were previously using appear to be defunct.
  • The Woolly Mammoth Theatre is using UHF portables; unable to determine frequency.

How Sweet the Sound Finale

How Sweet the Sound (gospel choir competition) was Saturday night at the Verizon Center. Here are a couple of frequencies found:

464.7250 [ d732] (S)
464.7500 [ d523] (S)

Fairfax County Public Safety Exercise

This past Saturday morning, there was a public safety exercise in Fairfax County. The exercise involved a mass casualty incident on a train in the Franconia area. Several of the "Major Incident" talkgroups from the Fairfax County Public Safety trunked system were active.

18128 FCFD 41B Major Incident Command
18320 FCFD 41H Major Incident Sector 3
18352 FCFD 41I Major Incident Sector 4
18384 FCFD 41J Major Incident Sector 5

The Major Incident talkgroups appear to be the "41" zone of Fairfax County Fire radios.

Fashion Centre at Pentagon City Update

A couple of updates for the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City:
  • Armani Exchange is using 466.1125 [ d606]. This is the same frequency/tone combo in use at Tysons Corner.
  • An unknown store (probably clothing) is using 467.8500 [ d047]. This frequency/tone is usually used by Old Navy, but there is no Old Navy in the Pentagon City area. A check of the sister brands in the mall (Banana Republic and Gap) showed that they continue to use their VHF frequencies.

JetBlue at Reagan National Airport

JetBlue is confirmed using 463.8625 [210.7] for operations at Reagan National Airport.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Events

Sports predominate this weekend:
  • The Wizards play Friday night at seven at the Verizon Center.
  • The Capitals play Sunday evening at five at the Verizon Center.
  • The Redskins play Monday night at 8:30 at FedEx Field in a nationally-televised game against the Eagles.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Homer Building FCC App

The Homer Building, located at 601 13th St. NW, has an application pending before the FCC. The app calls for two repeaters: 451.8625 and 452.9750.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Here's what I found at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on October 30:

162.2500 [173.8] Capitol Police (Channel 4)
166.7250 [127.3] Park Police (Channel 1)
461.0625 [151.4]
461.3625 [ 82.5] Volunteers/Trash
462.0125 [ d546] Security?
462.8125 [ d371] Audio/Visual?
463.5750 [ d664]
464.6250 [ d412] "production tent"
466.0625 [ 74.4]
(Some of the UHF frequencies may have been used for other nearby events.)

DC Trunked System Talkgroups:
2096 DCFD Special Events 1
2128 DCFD Special Events 3 (transports?)
16656 MPD Special Operations Division
33872 DC Emergency Management Agency

Metro Trunked System Talkgroup:
50256 MTPD Tac 8

Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Events

Compared to last weekend, it's relatively quiet in DC this weekend:
  • The Capitals play Friday night at 7, and Sunday afternoon at 5.
  • The Wizards play Saturday night at 7.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washington International Horse Show Wrap-Up

Here's what I found Saturday night at the Washington International Horse Show:

463.5125 [ d174] Scores?
463.6375 [110.9] Scores
464.0875 [210.7]
464.6250 [ ]
464.7250 [192.8] (R)
464.7500 [210.7]

Note that 464.0875 and 464.7500 may have been repeaters, but I was unable to confirm.

Rosslyn Update

A couple of new frequencies for Rosslyn:
  • Artisphere, a multi-use art space that opened October 10, is using 462.5625 [67.0].
  • The Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID) is using 461.8875 [CSQ] simplex. Note that the nearby Hotel Palomar also uses this frequency as a repeater with a tone of [136.5]. Gallaudet University Security is also on this frequency with a tone of [d243].

Marine Corps Marathon Wrap-Up

Here's what I found at the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday:

Marine Corps Trunked System Talkgroups (Site 403):
63034 Marshals
63037 Garbage
63038 Route
63039 Water
63044 Medical
63048 Shuttle Buses
63050 Information Technology
63056 Medical (Channel 2)

Arlington Trunked System Talkgroups:
4 Police - Traffic Control
6 Police - Parking
7 Police - "escort vehicle"
8 Police - "runners mixing"
9 Police - Rosslyn
11 Police - SOS
17 Police - "SWAT buses cleared Wilson Blvd."
20 Police - "visual on individual"
21 Police - K9
33 Fire/EMS - Division 1
34 Fire/EMS - Division 2
35 Fire/EMS - Division 6
36 Fire/EMS - Transports
43 Fire/EMS
44 Fire/EMS
50 Fire/EMS - EOD
117 Emergency Management 1
135 Coordination 1
137 Coordination 3

DC Trunked System Talkgroups:
1952 (encrypted/clear)
2096 DCFD Special Events 1
2112 DCFD Special Events 2
2128 DCFD Special Events 3 (transports)
16656 MPD SOD

STARS Trunked System Talkgroups:
32 VSP Division 2 Tac Team
6149 VSP Division 7 (traffic control)

Metro Trunked System Talkgroups:
50256 MTPD Tac 8 (Rosslyn crowd control)
58032 Escalator Personnel/Techs

123.0250 [ CSQ] Helicopters Air-to-Air
162.2500 [173.8] Capitol Police (Channel 4)
166.7250 [127.3] Park Police (Channel 1)
169.7750 [NAC 4C5] George Washington Parkway
451.7750 [ d205] Crystal City Security