Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

Here's some updated information for the Folklife Festival:

461.0750 [ d152] "Program" Channel (R)
461.1250 [ d172] Audio/Visual? (R)
461.2500 [192.8] Brief transmission monitored about weather update
464.9250 [141.3] Administration? (R)

At the Nationals game on Saturday evening, DC Fire/EMS was using 867.4875 [156.7] (S) for operations inside the stadium. Previously, they had used their other simplex channel of 867.7625 [156.7]. It remains to be seen which one they'll settle on for use in the future.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekend Events

This weekend, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival continues on the Mall. This is one of Washington's largest events of the year, and many frequencies will be active. Last Saturday, I was able to snag a few frequencies already in use for set-up, etc.:

461.0750 [ d152] Set-up (R)
461.1250 [ d172] Possible frequency; unknown if used (R)
464.9250 [141.3] Set-up (R)

The Park Police will probably use 166.7250 [127.3] and/or 166.8500 [127.3].

The Nats continue their homestand against the Orioles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barbecue Battle Finds

Here's what I found on Saturday at the Barbecue Battle:

457.5125 [ d412]
459.4125 [ d743] Logistics?
460.6125 [ d223] Safeway Tent
461.21875 [ d371] Production (Channel 3)
462.3250 [141.3] Security/Medical
462.7125 [ 77.0] Stage Operations?
464.1625 [ d464]
465.8375 [167.9] Gate/Beverage Managers (Channel 2)
467.0125 [225.7]
468.0125 [ d664] Area Managers (Channel 10)

DC Trunked System Talkgroups:
2112 DC Fire Special Events 2
21232 MPD Citywide 2
34448 Department of Health
35536 Emergency Management Agency
35600 Traffic Management Center

Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Event

This weekend, the big event is the National Capital Barbecue Battle. It takes place Saturday and Sunday on Pennsylvania Avenue downtown. Here are some frequencies from 2005 (the most recent info I have on my website):

464.5000 [ d627] Administration?; "banner"
464.6250 [ d606] "drinks"; "extension cord"; "banner"
464.7250 [ d632] Stage Operations
464.7500 [ d546] "trash"
467.7750 [ d156] Golf cart runs
469.5000 [ d631] "garbage"; "food tickets"
469.6250 [ d503] Volunteers
469.6500 [ d516] Gates
469.7250 [ d662] "wine"; "ice"
469.7500 [ d371] Security/EMS (Channel 4)

It's likely that the event will use this same group of channels (possibly with different tones), since they are common radio rental frequencies.

Look for MPD on 16656 (SOD) or 21232 (Citywide 2), and DCFD on 2096, 2112, or 2128 (Special Events 1-3).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Post Article about Capitol Police Radios

This article, which will appear in tomorrow's Post, says that the Capitol Police and Congress are having some trouble getting in sync when it comes to building a new radio system.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hyatt Regency Washington FCC Application

The Hyatt Regency Washington (the one on Capitol Hill) has an FCC application for several frequencies. They will use two repeaters, and four mobile frequencies. The two repeaters are 461.3750 and 461.7125. (The former frequency is already in use by the hotel.) The mobile frequencies are 456.7625, 467.4125, 456.6125, and 456.5625. The license calls for 75 mobile units.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Waterfront Festival Finds

Here are some frequencies/talkgroups found yesterday during the afternoon:

458.4250 [ d754]
463.2500 [ d315]
464.6250 [ d431] Beer?
464.7500 [ d631] Logistics?
469.6000 [ d023] Gates/General Ops?
469.7000 [ d212] Security

Alexandria Trunked System Talkgroups:
48 Alexandria Police (Channel 3)
400 Alexandria Fire/EMS (Channel 2G)
1072 Citywide 1 (shuttle buses/other miscellaneous users)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alexandria Red Cross Waterfront Festival

This Saturday and Sunday, the Alexandria Red Cross Waterfront Festival will take place in Old Town. This is a fairly large event, with several bands and even fireworks Saturday night. Here are some finds from 2006 (I'll have to check my notes to see if I have info from last year):

453.5250 [ d054] Fireworks Coordination/Fireworks Barge
458.4250 [ d754] Electrical?
458.5250 [ d506] Administration?
462.5500 [ 94.8] Food Vendor
464.6250 [ d431] "kegs"
464.7500 [ d631] "water"; "orders"
469.6000 [ d023] Gates
469.7000 [ d212] Security

Alexandria Trunked System Talkgroups:
64 Police
384 Fire/EMS
448 Unknown if used
736 DASH Shuttle Buses

Airports Authority Trunked System Talkgroup:
1696 Operations (fireworks safety/coordination)

DC Trunked System Talkgroup:
2080 Fire Inspectors (fireworks safety/coordination)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tishman Speyer FCC Application

Tishman Speyer, a property management company, has an FCC application for a frequency to be used at 1400 New York Ave. The frequency (463.9000) will be used as a repeater, with twelve mobile units.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boston Property FCC Application

Boston Property, a property management company, has an FCC application for a repeater at its building at 401 9th St. NW. The repeater will use 463.7000 in analog mode, with 25 mobile units.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Washington Post Article on Capitol Police Radios

There's an interesting article in today's Washington Post about the outdated radios the Capitol Police use. Definitely worth reading if one is interested in how different agencies communicate (or sometimes can't).