Monday, September 8, 2008

National Harbor Update

I've been to National Harbor a couple more times recently. Here's the latest scanner info I have:

451.3125 [ d516] Residence Inn by Marriott (S)
464.3250 [254.1] Westin - Engineering (S)
464.8250 [254.1] Westin - Housekeeping (S)
469.2625 [254.1] Westin - Service Express (S)

All four of the currently-open hotels are using radios. The Hampton Inn might be using Family Radio Service radios, or itinerant business band frequencies. The Westin frequencies are unlicensed. Here are the IDs for the Gaylord National Hotel:


463.2875 (2), 463.5625 (6), 463.6875 (10), 464.6625 (14), 464.7875 (18)
0-10-001 Security
0-10-005 Engineering
0-10-010 Banquets--Setup
0-10-012 Electric Shop?
0-10-015 Banquets
0-10-020 Housekeeping
0-10-021 Housekeeping?
0-10-025 Housekeeping--Public Areas
0-10-030 Information Technology
0-10-035 Audio/Visual?
0-10-040 Marketing?/VIP Services?
0-10-055 Loading Dock/Logistics

The radios used for National Harbor itself are MOTOTRBO, which cannot be monitored with a scanner. 461.7875 is a repeater, and 462.0875 is simplex. These radios are used by security, housekeeping, parking, and the marina/harbor people.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Greenspring Village FCC App

Greenspring Village, a retirement community in Springfield, has an application before the FCC. The app calls for three UHF repeaters, and four UHF simplex frequencies.

451.4500 R
451.7750 R
452.0750 R

451.9750 S
452.2750 S
452.8000 S
452.8500 S

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hilton Baltimore FCC App

(I know this hotel is up the road in Baltimore, but it just opened, and it's Baltimore's largest hotel, so I thought I'd mention it here.)

The Hilton Baltimore has an application before the FCC for a UHF repeater. The app states the frequency (464.4375) will be used for security and operations. This hotel seems somewhat large (757 rooms) to only use a single frequency. They may use other frequencies, possibly in simplex mode.

Falls Church City Schools FCC App

The Falls Church City Schools have an application before the FCC for a VHF repeater. The app says the frequency (152.2700) will be used for transportation, security, and maintenance.