Monday, July 7, 2014

Radio IDs for P25 Systems

Here is a list of radio IDs observed for various Project 25 systems. Not all IDs will follow this template, but it's a good start.

Metropolitan PD 110xxxx
DC Library Security 111xxxx
DC Parking Enforcement 111xxxx
Arlington PD 313xxxx
Arlington FD 318xxxx and 313xxxx
Falls Church PD 313xxxx
Alexandria PD 310xxxx
Alexandria FD 318xxxx and 310xxxx
Fairfax PD 316xxxx
Fairfax FD 318xxxx
Fairfax Sheriff 316xxxx
Fairfax School Security 317xxxx
Northern Virginia Community College Police 317xxxx
Prince William PD 329xxxx
Prince William FD 329xxxx
Prince William Sheriff 329xxxx
Prince William Schools 332xxxx
Manassas PD 339xxxx
Manassas Park PD 339xxxx
Maryland Aviation Administration PD 211xxxx
Prince George's PD 236xxxx and 253xxxx
Prince George's FD 252xxxx
Anne Arundel PD 222xxxx
Anne Arundel FD 222xxxx
Charles FD 236xxxx (units on Fairfax FD Marshall Hall channel)
Fauquier FD 321xxxx (units on Stafford system)
Stafford Sheriff 334xxxx
Stafford FD 335xxxx
Stafford Utilities 336xxxx
Stafford Schools 336xxxx
Spotsylvania Fire 411xxxx
Caroline Sheriff 412xxxx
Caroline Fire 412xxxx
Caroline Schools 420xxxx
Fredericksburg PD 442xxxx
Fredericksburg FD 442xxxx
New Kent 461xxxx
Spotsylvania Schools 611xxxx
Spotsylvania Public Works 711xxxx

VDOT unit on Fairfax P25 talkgroup 1041: 320xxxx
Units on JNCR talkgroup 22750: 217xxxx
Units on JNCR talkgroup 10301 and 22780: 219xxxx

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