Friday, October 3, 2014

State Fair of Virginia Concludes This Weekend

The State Fair of Virginia, which takes place at The Meadow in Caroline County, concludes this weekend. Organizers are licensed for UHF simplex under two callsigns: WQSL847 and WQKD686.

Virginia State Police use talkgroups (6124 and 6125 in 2010) on STARS for traffic control/parking. Interior VSP units use talkgroups (6162 and 6163) on the STARS mobile site. VSP is also licensed for conventional 800 MHz frequencies in analog and digital mode. 856.0375 [ $293] was used earlier this year at The Meadow. 857.5875 [ $293] was used earlier this year at Kings Dominion.

In 2009 and 2010, not much was found for Caroline County units at the Fair. 155.2200 [ d546] may have been used by Caroline Fire/Rescue. The county currently uses VHF frequencies for public safety, but the county will transition to a 700 MHz trunked system; it's unknown if this will see use at the Fair.

Here are the UHF conventional frequencies found in 2010:

451.2375 [ d411] Towing
451.3375 [ d411] Parking (Channel 2)
451.4375 [ d411] Electrical/Engineering
451.5375 [ d411] "ID tags"; "shoplifter"
451.6375 [ d411] Trams (Channel 5?)
452.3125 [ d411] Beverages/Beer Garden
464.3250 [ d346] Parking (RMC Events)
464.3250 [ d546] Parking (RMC Events)

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