Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spotsylvania P25 System Update

Spotsylvania is scheduled to transition to a P25 system in September, according to a reliable source. The new system will have ten sites, replacing a two-site EDACS system. The county was originally scheduled to migrate to the new system earlier, but work has been delayed on one of the sites.

Most of the Sheriff's Office talkgroups will be encrypted, with the exception of a search and rescue channel, and several interop channels. The primary dispatch channels (known as Patrol 1 and Patrol 2 on the EDACS system) may be unencrypted at a later time if in-progress incidents can be moved to Tac channels quickly. Fire talkgroups will not be encrypted, with the exception of the Fire Marshal channel. The Disaster Tac channel, which is often used for events in the county, will also not be encrypted.

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kc4asf said...

Thanks Dave. Yes, they have a major problem not switching calls to a secondary channel!