Friday, August 7, 2015

Marriott Marquis Switches to Capacity Plus

The Marriott Marquis Hotel in DC has at least partially switched to a Capacity Plus system. The three frequencies used for this system are able to be monitored from many points in DC and the surrounding area. The hotel is licensed for several other frequencies, which are only able to be monitored in the vicinity of the hotel. These have previously been confirmed to be DMR conventional, and it's not known if these frequencies were switched to Capacity Plus as well. It's possible the hotel has set up a Linked Capacity Plus system. (The hotel needs multiple frequencies to carry the same traffic because it has several below-ground levels.)

The Capacity Plus system has Restricted Access to System (RAS) enabled, which means a DMR radio cannot be programmed to monitor the system. The system can be monitored with a program such as DSD+, however.

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