Wednesday, August 5, 2015

National Harbor Update

Here are some updates for National Harbor:

462.0875 [         ] Capital Wheel (DMR - Color Code 4, Group 7) (S)
464.8250 [ d351] AC Hotel - Housekeeping (S)
467.9250 [ d351] AC Hotel - Engineering
154.5700 [  67.0] Residence Inn by Marriott

The Capital Wheel has switched from repeater to simplex operation, and is using a different frequency and group. The AC Hotel is using one of the frequencies from its license. The Residence Inn is using the VHF frequency even though the hotel's license for UHF frequencies remains valid. The hotel may also be using 462.5875. The Hampton Inn is using digital (probably DMR) simplex UHF portables. The frequency was not found, and I did not see the brand of radios they were using.

I also updated a couple of groups for the Gaylord National Hotel system.

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